About Us

*At this price anybody can be Cinderella for the night, and you get to keep the dress! 

Hi My name is Leia, the official dress flipper here at dressflipper.com.

I’ve been collecting dresses for years and flipping them to you at unbeatable prices. We’re happy to continue our efforts through our online store.

As a mother I know what it’s like to be faced with the cost of dressing yourself or your little one for an event. We all need a dress to wear and no one is willing to wear the same one twice. So why over pay for that one-time dress when you can buy from the best.

My dresses are gently used and stored on site in a temperature-controlled warehouse.

Start flipping today so the dress can be on the way!


The marked through regular price is the average price from our competitors on similar garments, not new retail prices. We don’t mind our unbeatable prices being compared. We’re proud to bring you the lowest price for quality like new-used apparel, bags, shoes and more!


At Dress Flipper you can rest assured you’re getting quality items. Although all Dress Flipper items are gently used, we work diligently to provide you with imperfection free items by personally hand picking everything on the site! If we wouldn’t wear it, we wouldn’t expect you to wear it either!